Wednesday, April 29, 2009

800 sales!!!

Thanks to it went from 700 to 800 really fast it seems! March 11 - April 29 not too shabby! I think the first 100 was the hardest ..I never thought I'd see three digits and now I'm dreaming of four !
Friday we leave for vacation, Destin Florida!..I have to keep calming myself down and try not to get overwhelmed takes a bit more planning with an 11 month old. Lots more to take and think about.
Last year we managed to make the trip with my big old belly..I was over 8 months and it was a really hard trip..I had so much trouble breathing and the acid reflux was out of control! But like every experience I'm glad we did it..with what was coming we needed to get away and get refreshed and prepared:)
We are looking forward to seeing little man on the beach and eating at the open air restaurants..and once again I still can't eat seafood now because of Salmon and Grouper it is..but look out next year..I'm going to od on Oysters!
So as for ordering off my site..I will try to fill any orders placed until tomorrow night..but after May 1st even though I decided to keep my store open I will not of course be able to ship out until about May 12th.
I'm going to take my laptop for emails..maybe I'll post an update here..we will see how good the connection is!
See you when we get back...I'm sure I'll have lots of cute little boy pictures to share!


Araceli said...

Oh' Leslie, how brave you are to go on vacation with an 11monthold! I would be freaking out about this and that. congrats on your 800 sales! Your jewelry is beautiful! As for my email, I guess I'll write you while you're away. I've been so busy lately.
Take care and enjoy your wonderful vacation ahead.

Lora said...

Sounds like fun. Have a great time!