Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is spring ever coming to stay?!

My favorite Canadian Friend Lori Murphy aka Jewllori

sends out a Newsletter every so often.. and my little Carter couldn't wait to see what her newest addition Evan has been up to!

Mom I won't tear it up and eat it..I promise (yea right)


Here is the current construction stage of what my husband calls Leslies Taco Stand!

(good idea Lora! Thanks!)

I have been talking Carter on walks (on days when it decides to not be winter)

and we have a new little colt that was born over the winter! It was such a surprise to see it emerge from the barn!

Its mama is gray and white speckled..the daddy was brown like the little one..don't see him anymore..guess his job is done! (just like humans..haha just kidding) (not really;p

Its such a pretty little horse farm..we can see it from our house. I hope to get some really close up pictures one of these days.

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Jewllori by Lori said...

Haha, that is awesome Les! He is so cute with that little grin on his face :)

Your little taco stand..hah so true! you need it by a beach now!! The pretty pretty flowers on that tree....I WISH !! WE still have snow :( YUCKY, when will Spring come?!