Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Doorman!

If there is a door ..Carter is there!

We play the ..knock knock thing all the time..it never gets old!

Hello..whos there?!

Open..Close..Open.. Close

Throwing a "Hahn-sie" cause he had to stop!

Chris has been walking back in the woods looking for mushrooms..last night he found one..tonight he found 2 plus a turtle!

Don't worry we didn't have turtle and mushroom soup!

He loves to get his hands on my latest creation...for a minute or 2 anyway..then it gets ugly taking it away..;)

Wagon time!

Bath time!


Jewllori by Lori said...

A turtle!?! OH my word, how awesome! Did you keep it, can you?? How crazy, we'd never have that sort of thing here.

Carter is soooooo cute, thank you for sharing pics of him. They never get old, cause he is soo darned cute :) I want to pinch those cheeks hee hee!

Araceli said...

He's such a big boy! He's getting so big and more handsome as the weeks go by...His birthday is coming up fast!