Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Shower ~part 1

My shower went really well..the sun came out and it was a gorgeous spring day!

Thanks to everyone that called or emailed me to say they had a good time..I really appreciate that!

It as wonderful to see everyone again!

I only have a few pictures for right now..I will post more of the actual shower when I get them from others.

These are my longest and closest friends..The 3 on the right have been friends since 1st grade Stephanie, Jamie and Kendy..and Colene on the left met up with us in middle school!
This is Steph, she is my artsy friend. Her mom Willa and her did a fabulous job on my shower...She made a picture collage of Chris, me and Carters ultrasound pictures! (I'll post that later also)
This is her son Jesse, he is so excited that I'm having a boy! ( no need to point out the obvious Jesse) haha
And this is my sweetie that came in a the very end..ripped jeans and all...Hopefully Carter will still think we are still cool even if we are old! :)

Well like I said ..more pictures to come...I have been busy with getting all the great gifts sorted out and put away...this kid will not be deprived of anything that is for sure!


Also had a Dr. appt. yesterday....nothing new to report ...but I am having alot of pressure and tiredness for the first time in this pregnancy..I'm waddling too..I try not to it just happens!

I'll keep ya posted!

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Lori said...

You are the most beautiful pregnant lady ever! Hah! So cute! I am glad you had a wonderful time and turnout. That little man of yours is going to be one blessed kid!