Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Summer Rings!

These are the new rings I made up for summer!
The colors are so soft and fresh.. Made with Sterling Silver and handwrapped custom as soon as you order.
Just specify in checkout your *size*.. it can be whole or half and the *finish* you would like!
"White Jade" ~bright silver
"White Jade" Dark Oxidized
"White Jade" Buffed
"Amazonite Flower" ~Bright Silver
"Amazonite Flower" ~ Dark Oxidized
"Amazonite Flower"~ Buffed

"Lemon Lime Jade Pinwheel"~ Bright Silver
"Lemon Lime Jade Pinwheel" ~ Dark Oxidized
"Lemon Lime Jade Pinwheel" ~ Buffed
The New Jade stones are almost gone...only one left. The black, Pink and Yellow are getting low.
So if you have been debating..grab them up now before they are gone!

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