Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shower Pics part 2

I have more shower pics to show!

Me arriving...what a pretty spring day it turned out to be..
This is a collage of Chris and I when we were little and baby Carter's 4-D ultrasound pics..
Steph did a great job on it and we still look at it..its so amazing to see a bit of both of us in him!
We joke that it's like putting both of us in a blender..and he is made!

What profiles!
Hope it all goes back in place..or close anyway!

I just want cake!
Oh there it is...and boy did we eat cake for a couple of days!
I even took some to my doctor and staff..I figure I need all the brownie points I can get! haha
In fact I'm thinking of apologizing ahead of time for anything I might say or do during delivery!

Thanks again to everyone for coming and I'm still getting calls from those who couldn't make it ..I love hearing from everyone!

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lori said...

Awesome pics! If that is someone's house it looks amazing!! What fun.