Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CatTails and Nursery Rhymes!

Today we made BIG progress in the baby room!
And this is Fido (one of our cats) checking things out under the crib!

We have been teasing and talking like what the cats are saying about all this craziness going on in the house. At one point there were so many boxes..BIG boxes in the house you could barely get around! And Fido keeps walking in the room and looking around with a disgusted look on his face! (yes cats have see it if you live with them long enough)

Romeo could care less..he is so easy going, has long as his food bowl is topped off he is happy!

We were putting the bed together and I heard the UPS truck pull in the driveway...perfect timing he had the rest of the baby things..curtains..lamp..moblie etc..

And let me say one thing...getting a sheet on that mattress and back in the quite a workout! Not to mention the whole bumper contraption!

Of course I did all that and forgot to put on the mattress pad! So I had to wrangle with everything all over again!

I am not changing that thing any more than I have too!

Now I know you seasoned mom's are laughing at me out there..I know you have your little secrets!

I will figure them out soon enough I'm sure (psss...but if anyone would like to show off and tell me.....)

But anyway I still have a few more things..I'm waiting on a rocker I ordered and I need to get some curtain no "reveal" yet! :)

See thats my revenge for all you think you know it all mommies! :)


Lori said...

I love the look of it all already, The colors of the bedskirt and crib look fantastic! Can't wait to see it all finished.

sharla said...

The secret is to make your husband do it! I do! It is such a pain

Leslie Hahn said...

Thats a great idea..I should have thought of that! ( I would have eventually) haha