Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby Crib, Baby Golfer, and Baby Birds

Here is my latest pregnancy health update for all my hair clients~ I've had a couple of emails from people that just got news of my kidney thing..well its a miracle but the pain slowly started going away and now its completely gone! They really didn't know for sure what the problem was since I couldn't have a lot of the tests needed. They just made an educated guess so maybe it was the "hydrureter" or maybe it was a kidney stone. My doctor did say if it was the hydro thing that the pain would only get worse because of the baby growing but maybe he moved off the nerves he was on..I don't know but all I can say is I'M GLAD!
I have too much I want to do...
We are getting closer to getting his room done. We picked up his crib and dresser at Babies R Us today and registered. ( for things we know nothing about) ha-ha
And a client couple of mine gave us a gift card so of course we HAD to buy SOMETHING :)
And since his daddy is an awesome golfer as many of you know..he will be destined to be a golfer too..so here his his very first golf outfit!

This one was just too cute to pass up, they only had 6-9 mo. or 12 mo. size so we got the 12 mo. for next spring when he is 1 year old!
This can be his birthday party outfit or good for a day at the Muirfield Memorial Tournament!
Look at the cute hat to protect him from the sun..oh wait it is Ohio and it is Murfield..I'm meant protect him from the rain!!

And as I put his clothes in his new closet organizer I had forgot about this little onesie I had made at Christmas for daddy...
His youngest crew member!
Ok..now on to the girlie stuff!
"Blue Bird Swooping"
With the bird rage in full swing I felt I should make yet another one..and I really love the way this one feels and looks when its on. Its on my personal fav list!

"Blue Bird Earrings"


"Blue Love Birds"
And some earrings to match if you like!

This is a custom necklace I made for the gal that bought the big wholesale order!
She is going to feature some of my creations on her website so I will pass that along when it happens.
Another custom piece I made for someone, they are giving it as a gift to a friend!
PMC (precious metal clay) is very time consuming and messy! The rolling out of the clay, cutting out , stamping, drying,sanding, firing, oxidizing, buffing. But when its all done its something I'm very proud of because I made it form scratch!
I have another pendant I made when I did this batch...
it turned out really nice and I can't wait to design a necklace around it!

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