Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mother Earth, Peace and Hoops

After selling out of 2 of the "Mother Earth Hoop Bracelets" within hours of listing...I got supplies for 4 more...well now within hours only 2 are left!
So grab one if you want it now! (click on pic to take you to it)

Here is a sneak preview of another "Simple Chic" necklace...I really love it.

But I still have one more pic to take of it on my dress form before I list it..its a double strand necklace done in Sterling Silver with a Peace Sign that has a tiny bird in the middle and a matching bird above both charms are made by Hip Chicks.

"Peace of Chic"

This Green Agate and Butterfly listed- just click on pic to view-

Thanks to everyone who signed up for my Secret Sale...

Anyone who hasn't..its never too late, it will be an on going thing.

The sale will only be offered to those signed won't be announced on my site or its worth signing up for to know the scoop!

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