Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNow..SnOw..go AWAY!

Here in Ohio we have TONS of snow!
Well its alot more than we have had in years anyway..and it won't stop..every day it snows all day.
This is the view from my kitchen window of our neighbors house..I love looking at their always looks so cozy.

I would normally love it but not when you husband is a builder and has a house ready to go!We have cabin fever really only relief is going out to my bright happy little salon and escaping into work..I'm loving it!
I've even managed to make a few new things...but I have to confess in my spare time I'm catching up on bookwork for tax time. There is nothing I hate more..thats why I put it off all year until I have no choice.
Every new year I vow to start fresh and keep it up...I'm GOING to do it this year ;) These elements from the bracelet and necklace may look familiar..I tore apart a necklace that never sold and made 2 things from one...well see what happens!
Also in case you haven't read my Etsy announcement..I'm having a secret sale..only to people signed up for send me an email or an Etsy Convo with you email address and first name and when I decide on the "secret sale" I'll send you the details!Please sign up..I only have one person so far!

This is sort of a funny pic...when one of us goes to the basement..Carter watches through our cat hole!


Jewllori by Lori said...

hahahhahahaha!!! Carter! That is super cute :)

Love the house, it is SO cozy, I want it!

I'd love to know about your 'secret sale', though to be honest, I am saving my money from etsy for new cloth diapers!! hahahahaha, though I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jewelry, and wish I could buy almost every piece :D

hello gorgeous said...

have to say the snow here is almost gone, had a few flurries yesterday but nothing to write about really....don't want to go back to the white out you have! ;o(

I LOVE the pic of Carter at the cat hole....I thought it was a mouse hole (I know...a fake one tho'!)

hope you're having a good day!


hello gorgeous xxx