Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Spring..please come quick!

I decided not to post until I had something positive to say..the snow has been never ending this winter and the cabin fever has been unreal for us and everyone I talk to.
So we decided to paint our house to try to get our minds off of the outside ..but as I went back to the store for more and more cans of sample paint all we did was ocnfuse ourselves (as you can see from the spotches of paint on our kitchen walls)
Brown is a tricky color..it either has an orange cast..purple cast..puky cast..LOL
I finally got tired of trying and painted over it all with the original wall paint giving up until our frame of minds got better.
Thank goodness Chris took matters into his own hands and when I was at work he got the only swatch of brown we had not tried..painted the whole kitchen and when I walked in..it was done and I loved it!
Now onto the foyer..oy!

Carter decided to put on his vest and hat..pull up a chair and watch his crazy parents pick out a paint color!


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Jewllori by Lori said...

Oh man, you guys must have been goign crazy over there! I wanna see the newly painted room though, I can't see it very wel!!

Araceli said...

Looks great! You're right though, brown is tricky and blue as well.
Carter is adorable as always with his cute socks!