Friday, November 13, 2009

A Year and a Half Old Today!

It used to annoy me before I had a child that when you would ask how old someones little one was they also told you in months..but of course that is how I answer now because that is just how it is..everything is measured in months..even clothes.
But today I can say little Carter Hahn is offically One and a Half Years Old..or 18 months if you prefer!
And another Friday the 13th..I love it but I have no choice as that is the day I was born on!
Lucky 13 to us!


Araceli said...

What a big boy!! HAppy Bday Carter!

Araceli said...

Time flys doesnt it? Is he coloring or talking? I'm tryinig to get DJ to do both but he likes to eat the crayons and he only says "Dada".