Saturday, November 7, 2009

Swarovski Crystals and "Cheez"

The New and Improved "Cheez" face of Carter Boy!

And some ham with his Cheez too!

This was a request to make another Owl Necklace for a fabulous jewelry buyer of mine! It turned out super..

I actually have 5 more owls that are so gorgeous in some different colors..I'll try to post them soon!

These Tanzanite Crystals are so pretty in person..more of a warm purple color than pictured.

I oxidized the Sterling dark and buffed one and kept the other dark!

This is a Volcano Swarovski Crystal..rainbow colors in person!


Chris said...

Hi Leslie! Love all of your crystals and most importantly the pictures of precious Carter!! he is so darn cute!!! Do you have a lot of the volcano crystals left? I think I may have to have one. Take care!!

Lora said...

Hi Leslie... i haven't stopped by in a while. Carter is SO big and of course, cute. Gorgeous jewelry as usual :O)