Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wanna beautiful new house?

We have tried every kind of advertising except here on my I thought I'd try that too!
I know I have alot of international readers but you never know if someone from Spain might want to move to Ohio..(its really pretty this time of year!)
This is a house that my husband started last year before the bottom fell out of the earth. Its beautiful..but not selling and having double mortages are killing us.
Please if you know of anyone who might be interested them these pictures..give them this link:
We will accept and offer now..within reason of course.
We are going to have one more open house this sunday from 2-4 ..if no luck then its in the hand of a now is the time for a great deal.
All the info and more pictures is on the Hahn Builders website.
~also if anyone would like to build new or remodel their house..Chris' is wonderful to work with!
Pass the word..
Thanks everyone!

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Jewllori by Lori said...

I DO I DO I DO!!!!!!!! Unfortunately my husband doesn't... :( I would love to be your neighbour, and move to that gorgeous house!!!

Miss ya!