Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Productive Day!

I thought I'd show these even though they are sold..this one is the newest color for Swarovski..its called VOLCANO!

Volcano, AquaMarine, Copper, Red Magma, Tanzanite, and Golden Shadow

I absolutly LOVE the way this necklace turned out and am so tempted to keep it for myself..but I always say that and end up listing I did!
I'm not so sure I can make more of these..I don't know if my nerves, eyes and fingers can take it! All the knotting and trying to get them even..OY!
But the result was worth it!

Little boY has been keeping me busy but mamaw watched him for a few hours today and I got busy making jewelry..
~hurry I'M AT 977!~


Mary Ann Miller said...
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Mary Ann Miller said...

You are such a busy woman...and super creative!!

I had to delete my first comment because I didn't spell correctly!!

Mary Ann

Chris said...

Wow! Great things Leslie! Love them all.
Are you going to be making more of the volcano crystal necklace?

LesChic Boutique said...

Thanks everyone and I might be persuaded to make another can always put in an order for one!