Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Bamboo Tile Bracelets!

I vowed I was going to stay up all night and make jewelry..I got a LARGE Tim Horton's Coffee....put on my jammies all ready so I could just fall into bed when I was done..
Put Carter to bed..(I got up a few times with him but since I was all hyped up on coffee it wasn't a big deal) I lasted until 3 am! Not bad!

But this morning I felt like my eyeballs were bleeding!

I forget I'm not as young as I used to be and don't snap back as fast!

But I did make 6 bracelets..I still have 3 more to do but I really love the way they look..of course they are so much better in person..they are kind of floppy looking laying down but on they are nice and chunky and lay really good all the way around your wrist.

I show them on me but my wrists are puny (sp?) so don't use that as an example of how it will look on you..and I made them all about a size 8" which seems to work for everyone ;)
I'm at 969

Carter has really gotten into his books lately and he had this one out today..I looked at it and thought how ironic this picture is! It looks like the sea horses on the Bracelet I just made!
Too Funny!
Maybe Curious George will buy it ;)


Amanda said...

I love the new bracelets! The tiles are so fun! I'm impressed that you made it to 3 am. I wouldn't have made it nearly that long!

Jewllori by Lori said...

Beautiful idea with the bracelets! I want one for sure!!!

Curious George eh!? That was Ross's first favorite and still is! I love's so classic, and so fun to read, I really never get bored of reading them over and over to Ross! They're quality for sure!!

LesChic Boutique said...

Thanks guys!

Lisa said...

Leslie, the new bracelets are just beautiful!

Stephanie McKee said...

I love the butterfly! and the sea horses! and.....