Monday, June 29, 2009

Call me!

My salon opens a week from today!
I thought I was going to get my old number which was
522-CUTS...but I got a better one
323-HAIR (4247)
(yes I have edited this post several times..but after spending an hour on the phone with Windstream...I know have the number I wanted..yea!

As you have noticed I have made alot of jewelry lately..but this week I will be out in my salon getting it ready!

I'll try to post pics and updates as the week goes on!

Oh and I am now on a new website also called ARTFIRE..I only have a few rings listed so far..I'll be adding more as I get time.

I'm going to try it for a month and see how it goes. Don't worry I'm not leaving Etsy I'm only listing things on Artfire that I can make more than one of. Etsy will have my one of a kind things on it!

Here are my latest listings!

A fun summer mix of beads!

This bracelet even surprised me how good it looks on!
I'm not much of a "red" girl but I think the contrast with the dot of patina green turquoise really does it for me!


paintchipgirl said...

I love your styling on your pieces. I too am not a "red" girl. I so get that, although if somebody twisted my wrist I could be convinced to wear that red bracelet with the "pop" of turquoise. So pretty.

Leslie of LesChic jewelry boutique said...

Thanks paintschipgirl!
That should be my name..I have a huge collection! I'm glad to see someone lese understands about colors!

Lisa said...

I love all the bracelets that you have been making with the wood circle. They are really striking.