Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cleaning up the shop

One thing is for sure..Carter is going to grow up learning about construction..painting/decorating and making jewelry!
(not necessarily in that order) LOL
Here we are in my salon..he is "helping" me wash windows ;)
I put his pack n play right in the doorway so he can see all the action..he is watching daddy on the backhoe, his latest favorite motorized thing!

I like helping Mommy!
Time out for a CHEEZ!

He is like a sponge these days imitating everything I do..he bent down to smell the flowers all on his own.... except he blows out and not in :)

And this is what he thought of them!
He points up when he hears an airplane...even when inside
I was taping off the door to paint it and he wanted the blue tape SO bad...he had watched me long enough to understand what I was doing so he would pull back the tape alittle bit and hand it to me!
Sorry I'm just amazed at all this new knowledge he is getting..

To all my hair clients..don't panic at these pictures..I know it looks like a mess still..but alot is going to happen over the next few days.

My wet station comes tomorrow..it was supposed to be here the 20th..I have not idea why and apparently neither does the shipping supervisor when I "asked" him that yesterday..

I had to get my feathers up with him alittle..but it is on its way (it better be for his sake)

Once the plumbers install it then I can start putting everything in.

I had issues with my phone number also..but I won't bore anyone with those detail..my new number is 323-HAIR..I'm excited about getting that..I can't believe it really..I tried to get HAIR back in 1989 but it wasn't available so I took CUTS..but finally I got it!

I have been touching up paint and cleaning..Chris has been doing the concrete parking and cleaning up the outside.

Tomorrow he still has alot to do for me inside..hanging some cabinets and shelves in the back room for one..stuff like that.

He has been a crazy man doing all that and going back and forth working on the other house he is building..it is in the finish stage also.

Just think next week he gets to "relax" and watch Carter for a few days..thats a piece of cake job..right Mother's?!?!

Anyway I have managed to make some new things..a couple are not listed yet but will be soon!

LemonGrass Drops

Olive Hill


Araceli said...

OMG Leslie, you had me laughing...Carter is so darn cute! I absolutely love the picture with his teeth showing and the one of him "smelling" the flowers is too adorable for words. He is growing up so quickly! I can see where he'll def. want to be helping Daddy. Is he the smartest or what? i wish I lived closer, I really need a makeover!Lol! The shop looks great, it's all coming together :)

Lisa said...

The shop is looking fantastic! I can't wait to see the totally finished pictures. And the jewelry you are making is incredible. I am trying to resist the urge to order a bracelet. We'll see how long I can hold out. Happy 4th of July!

paintchipgirl said...

I LOVE how you seem to be balancing it ALL! I might just have to follow you to learn how you do it! We are about the same age and no matter what boys are always unexpected!!!! I LOVE that; and your little man is totaly smoochable!

Leslie of LesChic jewelry boutique said...

Yes Araceli Carter is getting to be quite the ham! Except in stores when people make over him..he gives them his deadpan look!

And Lisa..just give it up and buy one already! haha LOL

I'm not sure if I'm balancing well..more like a wobbley juggle! Follow me and well see what happens!