Sunday, April 5, 2009

New listings and updates

I thought I'd post some of my new listings..with not much time to be creative lately..I keep busy enough making the wire wrapped rings as I get orders for them.

They are fast and easy for me to do now that I have made oh a million of them!

I am going to be getting some new colors and different shapes for them also so check back often!

"Olive Turquoise Balls"

"Beach Retreat"

"Adventurine Flower"

"Sugar Sand Beach"

"Ocean Jasper"

"Honey Jade Stars"

"Carnelian Square"

Here are a few new pics of my almost 11 month old little man!
He has 8 teeth that are in and 2 more starting to poke through..he is crusing along anything that will hold it won't be long till he walks now.
And he gets cuter and funner everyday!

Diaper time is challanging these days I give him anything to keep him busy!
Construction time with daddy!

Carter and my friend Steph shopping at Lowes
(she kicked my front teeth out going up the slide in elementary school (stew) sorry inside joke..she really did kick them out and I remind her of it on a weekly basis!)

Carter boy getting ready for bathtime!


I know I haven't posted much lately..I've been fine just super busy trying to get this house put together..and making descisions on my shop construction.taking stroller walks everyday weather permitting with Carter.

So I'll be around in and out posting when I can!

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Lora said...

Hi. I'd like to see some "shop in progress" pics. We're remodeling our kitchen and bath and it's just crazy around here, but I love "in progress" pictures!