Saturday, September 6, 2008


One year ago today that is!


Did I make your jaw drop?!

I remember the day very well..I went to Columbus and stopped at a bead store on my way home..But first I went into a drug store to get some gum and remembered I had to buy a test because I had been having some pain and my doctor would not see me until I ruled out pregnancy.

I thought they were nuts...that was the very last thought in my mind especially after all these years and negative tests.

But I bought one just to get an appointment...well the rest is history, (and the pain was my uterus stretching) it took me and Chris about an hour to finally realize and accept that that is indeed a "PLUS" looks so clear now!

And what a plus it turned out to be!

~These little charm bracelets are turning out to be a hit..I have a few more to make but I am waiting on a shipment of Sterling Wire~

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mental crafter said...

Leslie, hearing the story again brings tears to my eyes! Carter is such a beautiful, charming boy. A blessing for a richer life. You my friend are a beautiful spirit as well. I am so happy that Chris, your soulmate, found you! A regular love story, you couldn't have directed it any better. God is awesome.

P.S. I was surprised and happy! when I read "pregnant". Go for it!! :)