Tuesday, September 2, 2008

500 Sales!

I finally made it..500 Sales!
It took me 14 months but I did it!
500 sure seemed a long way off when you open your shop and have a big fat ZERO siting there!
My first sale was to a girl in the United Kingdom and since then I have sent packages of jewelry goodies all over the world!
I am amazed at who reads my blog...people in countries I have never heard of..and had conversations with truly nice, helpful and complimenting people..local and afar.
Thank you to everyone that reads my blog and collects my creations!

I walked in Carter's room this morning and he was sitting up in his crib!...
just kidding!
Of course he is too young for that..but he is 16 weeks old today! Not officially 4 months until the 13th but close enough
(the week to month thing is wacky)

He really does smile alot now but you would never know it from the pictures I post..I think he is trying to figure out why mommy holds a big black thing in front of her face and acts like a fool!


TinkerDot Designs said...

Congratulations on 500 sales! wow! What a big boy Carter is getting to be too..how cute :) Gosh they grow fast. I know what you mean about the weeks to months thing..it is crazy!

Jamie said...

Congratulation on 500 sales!! Everyone knew you would get there. All of your jewerly is AWESOME!! Little man is getting so big. I love the pic where he is sitting up in his bed. He looks so cute and big in the pic.

Willa said...

Congratulations!! 500 sales, there is no end to your magic! Liking your new home a lot! Hope all goes well and is done on schedule, less stress!! Of course Carter is your best work!

Araceli said...

Daniel does thew sme thing to me! I actually made him cry once with the flash...don't think he likes the camera too much :( Carter is so big!