Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow what a wind storm!
And here is the weird thing..we left in the mid afternoon just when the strong winds were starting and Chris' truck was parked in the driveway ...we were pulling out in my jeep and we debated on stopping and pulling his truck in..well we did and when we came home to this we could not believe it! That is right where it was parked!
So we were one of the lucky few to not lose our power...until yesterday afternoon, (the storm was sunday)
What a pain!
Chris borrowed a generator off a friend and we were able to plug in our fridge and a few things.
But we put Carter in our room in his pack n play..needless to say none of got any sleep!
So today is catch up day again..I'm dragging and Carter is grumpy but napping!
( I know sleep when the baby sleeps...I think a man must have created that saying!)

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Jewllori by Lori said...

Les..how scary! Glad all was okay with you guys!

I am back and sooo happy to be back! I am busy but going to be trying to get more time in to do interent things, and get my butt back into business !! Missed you!!