Friday, June 6, 2008

Personalized Letters!

Last night was pretty good! He slept from 10 pm to 3 am then from 4 am to 7 am! And we went to bed when he did so I was rested by 3 am.
And some of my hair customers came over to visit last was so good to see them..Carter says "Judy, Tracy, Kim, Amy and can come back and hold me anytime"!
Our neighbors made Carter this cute personalized bear..he really likes how soft it is!
And my great Etsy friend Lori from Jewllori sent me these fantastic wall letters! She sent a picture of Carters room decor to Tinkertot Designs and then she painted them to match! The colors and the little airplanes are a perfect match!

I love them! Thank you Lori!


Lori- Jewllori said...

The bear is cute!! Neat idea!! I am glad those wall letters matched so well! They look great above that mirror! You are very welcome my dear friend :-)

TinkerDot Designs said...

The letters look great above the glad you love them, and thank you for the link back to my site :) Carter is getting so big and he is so handsome. I think you described him perfectly as a "wet marshmallow''..they are just like that at that age! hehe. Best wishes always.