Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Night Nanny Wanted!

If you have been wondering where I have been ...this is what I have been doing!

Little Carter Man wants to be held most of the time. And he has built in sensors on his butt when you lay him down they go off! So I have been wearing down slowly day by day with the lack of sleep at night and the fussiness in the day.

So last night it was grandma to the rescue again! Chris' mom stayed the night.

She made it possible for me to sleep the whole night just getting up to nurse him and then back to bed. I didn't have to rock him for 2 hours trying to get him back to sleep!

He actually sleep for 6 hours last night which sounds like a dream but not when you consider he was up the whole day yesterday.

I just know I am getting paid mom always talked about how I had my days and nights mixed up!

Now I know why the movie stars have nannys...because they can!

I would just like a night nanny..thats not to much to ask for ..right?!?!

Well I feel much better today, even on a rainy rainy day things are looking brighter!


Lori- Jewllori said...

Awww...Long days and long nights make for an unhappy grumpy mommy!

Lora said...

I remember those days.... exhausting! He'll probably get his days and nights straightend out soon. Thank goodness for grandmas!

Mandi said...

Oh no, how frustrating and exhausting! I hope he gets things figured out very soon - for your sake!! I agree - thank goodness for grandmas!