Monday, June 2, 2008

Another new baby at our house!

So I have been absent..since Carters circumcision he has been one fussy baby wanting to be held all the time. So not much sleep or rest for me..I havn't had a minuete to myself let alone time to it feels like a great accomplishment just getting this post out!
I finally finished this necklace I started the day before my water broke!

Over the weekend we had a lost baby fawn come into our backyard..Chris put it back in the woods so the mother could find it.

So cute... I wish Carter could have seen it!

Carter is healing very well now and hopefully we will be getting back to less fuss and more rest!


Lori- Jewllori said...

Oh wow, that baby fawn let Chris pick it up!? That's amazing! SOooo cute, as is Carter!! He is getting to be a big boy!!

Miranda said...

Two precious babies in one entry. Awwwwww too cute!

Mandi said...

Ok that first necklace is gorgeous, I love it! And WOW, you even got to hold the baby fawn! How absolutely sweet!!

Lora said...

Love the necklace... love the color combo. Carter is SO big and CUTE! He is definitely going to be a big boy. I have 2 boys... those circumcision things are no fun, but at least they don't remember a thing. :O)

Lorelei said...

I can't believe you were able to pick that fawn up! Amazing photos.

I can't believe how big Carter is already! Holy Moley!

Jamie-Lynn :) said...

WOW! Love the pics of Carter AND the fawn! Thats pretty cool! I hope its mama found it!