Monday, May 19, 2008

Lots of Firsts

Well we survived our first night alone pretty good! He woke up twice through the night to nurse..waking him up every 2-3 hours yesterday really worked. I am finding the saying "sleep when the baby sleeps" to be so true!
So this afternoon I took a nap with him and I have never been a napper..but it was no problem!
Today was Carter's first visit to the pediatrician!
And he passed with flying colors!
He is already almost back up to his birth weight now at 8 lbs. 8 oz..which usually takes 2 weeks to do!
My little milk man!

Daddy holding him in the examine room..what a bright and cheery place! We really liked his doctor was kind of weird not going to my OBGYN..we had gotten into a routine going every Monday and then making a fun day of it usually going to lunch at Easton and then to Babies R Us!

But I was glad to get back home to my new little sanctuary!

First Day of Excavating!

And today...we were finally able to break ground for our new house! Rain ..Rain..Rain..and more Rain tonight!

We only have until Nov 1st to get it done ..if its not we will be in the Motel 8 for Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow night is when the city council meets to decide if I can have my hair salon there too. We feel really confident that it will pass, some of the the neighbors have gone out of their way to either call us or write letters of approvel. So everyone keep your fingers crossed if you want me to do your hair again!!! :)

WE feel very lucky and blessed to have so many positive things finally working out in our life. We know it and we acknowledge it, not taking it for granted one second!

We talk to Carter telling him all the fun things we are going to do in our lives and about the new house were he will grow up and what school he will go to. Everyone notices already he loves to listen to several people talking... its so cute.


We have had a few visitors mainly neighbors and Chris' Aunts..Some of you have emailed asking when you can come over..and its fine anytime now..we are finally gettin' our act together!

I plan on calling some people this week that I haven't talked to and if anyone wants to call us please do!


Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

Hey Les! Great to hear things are going well with you guys and with Carter's growth! Lil milk man is right!! You look great already for just having a!

Doesn't that song"beautiful boy" just make you cry?! I remember I bought that CD before I had Ross, and I would just cry and cry! It's so beautiful I love it!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear your first night went well. You are becoming a pro!! LOL. Glad to hear that everything went well with Carter's appt. Oh my gosh you look great!! You alway's do but you don't look like you had a baby! I can't wait to hold your little milk man. Take Care!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. I am so glad to hear that everything is going so well. You look amazing =) I cannot wait to see another Chris and Les house!! My love to you all. Jill