Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rings, Cats, and Baby Pics of Course!

Beautiful Boy

I managed to snap a pic of some of the new rings!

I love the earthy organic element they have..Two Picture Jaspers on the left side and Two Mookaites on the right.

I think by next week I will be in enough of a routine to list the rings again. I make them as they are ordered per customers size and I just can't work that in right now. So sending out orders of what is already made is enough for now :)

The poor ..poor kitty cats :(

They have taken the new arrival the hardest. I called everyone in to see them in this position and Chris' mom said they were saying.."its just you and me now romeo...all we have is eachother "!


Actually today they are much more adjusted and so are we! We had a really good day..I got dressed in "real" clothes..put on makeup and did my hair..its took all day for that to happen ..but it happened!

My whole body is swollen with fluid and I felt like I swooshed when I walked but today its starting to go down.

A neighbor and two Aunts came by to see Carter..Chris' mom went home and tonight is our first night alone WITH THE BABY!!!


This was was his 3rd bath but the first one for me to give him!

This is his soothing center swing..he hates it right now..but here is a calm moment in it.
He is going to kill me someday for these pictures!
Chillin' Carter

Well, I am officially one of those moms posting pics of their kids all the time..hope everyone will enjoy that..I'll try to work in some jewerly from time to time!! HAHA


Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

That's what us mom's do best is take pics of our babes!! He is adorable!! What a sweetie, thanks for sharing. I hope your first night alone goes well! :-)

Jamie said...

Thanks for all of the pictures.. I love them keep posting them. He is so cute like I said he looks older then a newborn!! He looks like he has adjusted well being @ home. Take care and enjoy!!

sharla said...

You'll be an old pro in no time. It does take a long time to do anything at first! My childbirth instructor said to always do your hair and makeup in the first few weeks so that even if you were dead tired and in pain you looked good in the pics! ha ha He's beautiful!