Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Necklace

WE are kind of getting a routine down..its us that has to adjust to him. And Carter is waking up about twice a night..which is good when he goes back to sleep fast after a feeding and a change..but that rarely happens.
Still not too bad ...and it's getting better!
Thank you to Connie and Sharon who brought us some dinners over last night! It's so appreciated..we are so busy all the time and get so Hungary!
My water retension finally went down and I can see the bones in my feet again! I lost 20 lbs. in one week! And can sleep on my stomach again!
Yea for Breastfeeding!!!
Lovin' the shag rug baby!
~ Carter the Aviator! ~
Leg propped up... his favorite sleeping position!
I managed to get some pics of a new necklace I made the day before my water broke!


Thank you for all the wonderful emails and comments..I may not always reply ro comment back right away but I see them all!

I orderd a sling from Etsy today ..he likes to be held as I do things and this chunk of a boy is killing my back already!


Lori- Jewllori said...

Aww I just love that middle picture of Carter! He is sleeping so sweetly!! I love it.

What kind of sling did you buy!? I'm curious!

Jamie said...

The pictures are so cute!! He looks like a little angel laying there. I can't wait to come over and see the little man. Abby is so excited about coming over too.
Take care!!