Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hiccups, Flowbee's and New Listings!

Baby update!
Last night Carter Hahn had hiccups! Everyone kept saying..oh wait till the baby has hiccups..and I kept thinking from time to time..was that one? I have been waiting to feel them and now I know there is no mistaking what they are!
Poor guy had them forever too!
Hmmm...does Malted Milk Easter Eggs give you hiccups?! Maybe when you eat half the bag it does!!!
And I have a funny email to share with all my hair clients who read this blog...Now I know this whole thing has been tramatic after 20 or so years of me doing your hair and I know its hard to go to someone else but this is to the extreme that I hope not too many of you opt for!
One of my clients wrote:
"My husband colored my hair and I cut it with a flowbee. Doesn't look to bad, most of the people we run with can't see that good anyway!"

Oh my gosh I laughed so hard!
Please..don't try that at home or you all are gonna make me come back!
And one that note...Leslie's Hair Essentials is officially closed and sold :(
Dynamic Designers should open this Tuesday..they are very excited and thrilled with it, so that makes me feel good about it!
And I have so much going on and to look forward to that I'm not really sad..I do miss everyone and think of you everyday but I know I will be back its all good!
Here are my newest listings!

"Copper & Confetti"
This necklace has been "revamped" from before and I love it even more!
"Mermaid Tails"
The name speaks for itself! These colrs are my favorites and I think a splash of turquoise goes with anything you wear!

"Aqua Octopus"
Another Octopus Design!

"Pixie Pearl"...the copper version

This has been such a popular ring! The story behind the copper is..I ran out of the Sterling Silver Heishi Rings so I used Copper ones! And what a nice antique look it gave to it!

It sold last night..but I do have a slightly different ring styles on order to be on the lookout!


Now I know those of you that really pay attention are saying..hmmm this looks kind of familiar. WEll yes I have actually changed the pendant on this 3 times. But here is why.

The first time..someone wanted the Yellow Turquoise pendant but wirewrapped on a chain..the second time I needed one little last citrine quartz bead for my Raspberry Rose necklace.

So the 3rd time I think it really turned out the best..the Shell Flower matches the Yellow Aventurine Stones perfectly!

So its final! ;)


mental crafter said...

I love keeping up to date on the adventures of the Hahn's. Your blog is fun to read. Wish me luck first time in I don't know how many YEARS I'm going to a different stylist this coming Saturday. YIKES!! I don't know what to expect. No it's not my husband...

Lori said...

I wish I could get your hands on my've been coloring it myself since I don't know when!

Love your new listings, as always!