Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas break is over :(

Well the end to my Christmas break is over :( But even thought it went differently than I had planned...no trips to Easton Towne Center...no furniture shopping...no Babies r us day. But I did manage to make 23 new pieces of jewelry!
So it was a very productive week. I also did some re-takes on a few of the items already listed on Etsy. Some times a fresh picture will catch someones attention!
Here are the last of the crazy designing girl's things!
Thanks to everyone for their support this past year!!
And here is to even more jewelry obsession next year!!
Happy New Year!
"Dainty Topaz Crystal"
For the days you want something on but not alot. Goes with everything... I am into the organic, artsy look of wire wrapping and oxidizing right now!
"Carnelian Butterflies"

These really are showy on...a must have for summer!

"Charolite Dream"
This didn't last long... I knew it wouldn't....so pretty and serene!
"Crazy Blue Butterfly"
This turned out better then I ever imagined..I think this brilliant blue is the key..it really pops off yor neck! (see the pic on the manniquin in listing on Etsy)
"Jewel Tone Hoops"
My favorite earrings at the moment! You know when colors just "work?".... these WORK!
"New Jade Flower"
I am still pretty new at wire wrapping rings...but I thought it turned out pretty good!
I will have lots more of these coming soon..in many colors and in Sterling!

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ellene said...

Hi Leslie!
thanks for taking a peek at my pics~ I used to be soooo self-conscious about posting stuff like that of myself, but now I'm like, "oh well, what the heck"
I read your profile and I always wanted to be a hairstylist. I almost went to school for it right out of high school, but felt full-time hair school would be difficult with my full time job, so I decided to take art classes a few at a time at the University. So now, I've been teaching art for 9 years and am so ready for a career change. I'll pop over to your etsy~ thanks for stopping by!