Sunday, January 6, 2008

January is all Frozen up on ETSY!!

January is slow on idea of free shipping didn't work, its too confusing and everyone forgets to wait for the revised invoice. So I've decided to get use this slow time to design!design! design!
Here are the choices of Carved Stones that I have for the Wire Wrapped Rings I'm going to be doing.
As soon as my larger gauge wire shipment comes I will be making and posting the rings. They are so "in" right now, wearing a larger stand out ring on your right hand is all the rage...and for it to be unique and handmade is even better!
They are suprisingly very comfortable to wear, and the profile is pretty low.

"Hearts on Fire"

A pretty Valentine bracelet to buy early and with the Turquoise is great to wear year round!
I absolutly love the Swarovski heart..the color is so rich, it has a blue cast to it in some lights.

"Vitrial Swarovski Drop"

This type of necklace is one of my favorites...looks great with jeans but the pendant is fancy!

I love the simplicity of the chain and the artsy-ness of the wire wrapping and oxidizing!

"Emerald Jasper"

This is a necklace that has been revised..I took the original design apart a while back and couldn't decide what to do with the pendant. It is a top quality stone with no flaws that I can see.

Hopefully it will have a home on someones neck soon!

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