Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Logo!

This is my new "professional" logo!!!
I have wanted from the very beginning of this crazy jewelry thing to have a cute logo. So I had a graphic artist from Etsy draw up the idea I had in my head.
I have always done everything cards, labels, banners ,avatars etc. But now I'm slowly tweaking my look so everything is consistent.
Hopefully when you see this chic little boutique you will know its me!

"Yellow Turquoise"

I really love the soft mustard color of this stone. Sometimes when I come across a pendant like this, I think simple is better. Adding more to it might actually take away from it!

I do have one more like this one, only its a little bigger and may have some companion stones put with IT!

"Urban Boxwood"

This is my all time favorite bracelet...a similar one was one of my first sales on Etsy.

And since then I had run out of these Turquoise Czech Beads...and FINALLY I found them in the United Kingdom!

So I made my beloved Urban Boxwood one more time!

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sharla said...

Looks great! I love the kitty with the necklace. Very cute!