Sunday, July 15, 2007

Green Garnets & Labordorite

Green Garnets and Labordorite are my new favorites!

Being born in January, Garnet is my birthstone..As a little girl I always hated it, I'm such a green person. So when I started making jewelry I discovered "green" Garnets!

I finally splurged and bought some, they are not cheap... here is what they look like, so many shades..from pale green to dark olive , I love them!

You will see some earrings soon, and who knows what else..(if I don't hoard them for myself that is)!
The necklace is is the chameleon of stones, they are shimming shades of grayish blue but go with whatever you wear, they almost glow!

Here are some new additions, they are listed on ETSY where you can see more pictures and a detailed description. The "locals" price is going to be $5.00 less than listed!

$19 Sold (1 left) size 5

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erin scissorhands said...


i just found your etsy shop- i love your stuff!!! cant wait to see more :)