Monday, July 9, 2007

Turquoise, Stars, Sunsets & Confetti !

"Copper & Confetti" $31
SOLD! But one more, and only one is being created soon!
A perfectly faceted rectangle of Pink Jasper hangs below a circle of copper.
Coral fluted beads Light Crystal Celsian Renasissance beads that sparkle, and light green Ocean Jasper beads all handwrapped in copper that I oxidized to dark copper.
I think it gave it that handed down heirloom feel!
19" with a copper "S" hook

"Turquoise Teardrop" $27 Sold

A polished Turquoise Jasper Teardrop Pendant that feels smooth on your skin is the focus of this stunning necklace. Matching round stones, Brown Tortoise beads that are faceted to add sparkle along with round wood beads.

Sterling Silver


"Desert Sunset" $28 Sold

Such a unique Jasper pendant with swirls in shades of caramel,tan,brown and dark gray.

Citrine Quartz, Caramel and Tortoise color beads accent the chain that has been oxidized to bring out all the colors!

Sterling Silver

19" adjustable all along the chain

*If this looks familar you are right. It has had a acid bath,had a hoop added and it got a new name!...She Looks like a new woman!

"Twinkle Twinkle" $26 Sold ~my first on Etsy and my first's off to the United Kingdom!

A hollow Shell Star shines in the light!

Unique rectangle beads, look like tiny church windows. Renaissance firepolished beads compliment the mish mash of little shells.

Sterling Silver


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