Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rings..Ring and more Rings!

I decided to list some of my unique stones for rings..its really difficult because each one of totally different and to take a photo of it made into a ring waste the pricey sterling silver wire..when someone orders I make it to their size so I would be making it twice.
So I figured out a way to take an already made ring, cut the stone off and slide the stone on to take a picture!
That way you can see what its going to look like made. In the past I just showed the stone laying flat but they never sold..I think it was too hard for people to picture it done.
I am so excited because I have some Labordorite stones of my fav natural stones!
Gray with flashes of blue!
I check the mailbox daily hoping to see my package!
I have 2 of these lovely stone left..see listing to view them.

Sadly this is the last stone I have..I am having trouble finding anymore that had such detail.
But I won't give up..this Black Flower was my no.1 seller!


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