Wednesday, March 5, 2014

clearance sale

I can't help but feel defeated. I have only had one sale on Etsy. There is just so much talent on there...I feel I can't compete. Its hard pressed to even get "views" when my pieces are listed. Its sure not like the glory days a few years back..but it was a fun last Hoorah ...
So I have marked everything crazy down in price...I will probably still make a few things here and there because I have to create because....its just what makes me me.
So for now..check out my low rock bottom prices...and free shipping.
Nothing over $20 in whole store!!!Can't beat that!

My goal was to sell enough so I could start buying the tools I need to make something like these rings..I just love them..
I never give up my dreams and year when everyday first grade happens, my world will change and I will have a little more time flexibility.
A girl has to dream anyway ;)

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