Friday, December 9, 2011

Surprise Surprise! New Jewelry!

These have been a year long project...even longer if you count when I first got the dictionary!
I searched thru a vintage dictionary to find fun interesting pictures for these bezel necklaces.
It was very frustrating to get the right products to attach paper to glass and first the paper soaked up the glue in blotches and I had to walk away...
But finally I came up with a time consuming idea but it worked.
I did that this past summer.
Finally one day in the back room of my salon while color was processing I had the urge to make them into something wearable...and wah la! tA DA!


They look really good on..I love the old paper with the brass and then the touch of color the beads bring,

Any Vera Bradley fans recognize this print? Its my favorite one "Sittin in a Tree" I have several  bags in this pattern.
I bought the wrapping paper to line some drawers. and this was a scrap.

Hope you are enjoying the season...I have new pictures to post later..tonight was Carters preshcool Christmas program.
Lets just say..when he was a baby we really thought we had a shy one. WRONG!

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