Monday, December 5, 2011

Annual Tree Cutting~

Here we go to the tree farm..Hi Ho Hi Ho!

At least it was warm this year..we went late in the day as the place was about pressure! But I think it was a good thing..I really love our tree this year, might even be my fav so far :)
Did you know 3 year olds like to run and fall down? In parking tree farms.

Carter's photography...he's not bad either.

Chris feeling his age....

The sunset was gorgeous!!!
He even lugs his own equipment...

I'm not sure if this picture is groos or not but I had to show it because this kid never eats..but we roasted another small turkey that day to have when we got home and he wouldn't stay out of it!

This year he was a pro at decorating..of course he just HAD to be on the ladder every chance he could...

Our tree 2011

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