Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year..New Hair!

I am so glad to be 43 today you have no idea!
I've had it in my head for years that 42 was just hear of people dying at 42..Elvis ( yes I know you are still trying to process the fact I am an Elvis fan) LOL
And I lost my sweet brother when he was 42...
And the second my birthday was on last year..Chris got deathly sick and I called our doctor at 2 am...he had the flu all the next day and night..that set the tone for the rest of our aweful year.
I decided to cut my hair to start fresh and bring on the GOOD!

We all got haircuts for good luck!
Plus we were lookin shaggy LOL

I have some new things listed...

I finally have some more black flowers in for rings..they are a new shape of flower too!

You don't know how close I came to keeping this one..its smaller in size and fits me perfect.......
but I sacrificed again :)
The way it feels against your skin is fantastic..the smooth wood and cool stones!

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Mary Ann Miller said...

Happy Birthday. Fabulous at 43! Enjoy a wonderful year.