Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I am so looking forward to tomorrow!

Christmas Eve..its free day for me..a day to forget all my worries and just focus on something good.

A day off to bake cookies..wrap Carters presents and get ready for the family party.

No worrying about selling houses...building houses..doing hair...making jewelry...paying bills..Chris getting layed off (they could have waited till after Christmas to do it grrrr)

Just a no brainer day (I hope ;)

But this little guy makes it all worthwhile..

Good things do happen even in what seems like a season of Aunt Mona made Carter this Christmas stocking...I wanted so badly for him to have something handmade from her, something we would get out each year and it would have heirloom to pass on to his children.

My mom surely would have made him one if she were here..that is why I asked my Aunt to..anything would have been perfect as long as she made it but when I saw eyes instantly teared up. It's like she read my mind of what I wanted..Carter loves snowmen and the detail and time she put in it means so much. It's very special, I think he likes it too ;)

Proud Papa
Something to remember this Christmas...
I also have to say yes we have had a difficult year..we are struggling no doubt but millions of others struggle forever..its all they know. I look around and recognize "that look" on peoples faces now. I have become so much more concious of everyone around me..its like that saying "until you walk a mile in my shoes" you really don't know.
We at least have the means and skills (if the economy ever comes back) will get better for us we know this. The future looks bright and we know this is only temporary.
Chris and I have talked alot about next Christmas not only for us but for what we want to give to others that will still be struggling.
I don't mean to ever complain..we are warm..healthy and have eachother ..I would chose that over anything else.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me through buying my jewelry and friendship!

~Merry Christmas~

ps..Oh I just realized that when I changed my email a few months ago I didn't change it here on I haven't gotten any of the comments sent to me!

So I am catching up on reading them..I apologize for not responding to some that had questions in them!

I though it was awful quiet!

Here are my latest earrings~


Jewllori by Lori said...

The stocking is beautiful! She did the most amazing job on it!!!

Christmas is such a special time, a time to really realize how much we do have amongst all our needs. Love you Les, and praying for an exciting and wonderful new year for you all!!

Merry Christmas dear friend <3

Jamie said...

You sure can tell Lil C loves his stocking! It's cool that he will be able to carry it on year after year.

I know this year will be extra special with having little man around.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

Love Ya bunches:)

Araceli said...

Glad you had a great Christmas! We are in the same boat. All will get better, I know.
I love all of Carter's pictures, he always puts a smile on my face with all his cheez...he's so adorable.