Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let it Bead Let it Bead Let it Bead!

Christmas is over...
I don't have our christmas morning pictures uploaded on my computer yet so here is christmas eve morn and today..all the cheezz face of course!

Now on to business...
WE moved all my jewelry things out to my hair salon..with Chris out of work until spring I am going to bead up a storm!
I can't do it in the house..when Carter knows I am upstairs working he drives us all nuts to get up there..and I can't concentrate when little hands are grabbing everything in on my tables!
So I am planning on going out there for a couple of hours a day to create.
I'll take a pic to show you my new work space..already I have made 2 new things in between hair clients!
Wha La!

These blue bird necklaces I made a while back really caught peoples attention so I am making more! it is featured in the Etsy Storque


Jewllori by Lori said...

Good Idea! I bet you'll do so much, and make alot of sales!!

I love that top tree, is it real!? I want one like that!!!

Lora said...

Pretty stuff as usual...