Monday, July 27, 2009

Alligators..Butterflies and Owls ...Oh and a cute little boy too!

I have to show these pics...this robe and slippers are getting too small and I haven't used them for awhile but it sure excited him when I put them on him after his bath!
Something new I guess :)

Look at me in my bathrobe..Cheez!

I thought I'd show what I made a friend for her birthday...the crystal is fairly new from Swarovski..they are wings that can be either a drangonfly or a butterfly depending on how long you make the body. I loved the Olive color..and I did a different technique with the wire that gives it a unique look!

New Listings

Click on the Pic to view!

The owl has the same wire technique..

LOVE this necklace!

These are some new owls..they are double sided so when it turns on your wrist its all good all the time!

I only have 2 and one is gone already ;)


Chris said...

Hi Leslie! I love seeing the pictures of Carter. He is so precious.

Also... Love all of your new creations.
While I was reading the past posts..BC before Carter!! I saw a mention of the Cahoots handbags. Do you still sell those? Just wondering.

I hope the salon is doing well, it looks awesome!!
I wish I was closer to where you are, I would come for a haircut!
Take care!

Leslie said...

No I finally sold them on Etsy..and to who of all people?! The Cahoots owner herself! I hated that! I bet she was so mad but I tried to sell them and ppl in my town just didn't want to pay the price ;( so I sold them below wholesale cost.

Well if you are ever in Ohio stop by!