Friday, July 24, 2009

Cheez & Ice Cream !!!

This is actually the second ice cream cone for Carter boy..holding it himself that is. I think he does really well...he gets it all over his face but who doesn't right?! LOL

This picture is funny to us because before he was born we always joked that he would come out with a goatee like his daddy..

well tonight he had a chocolate one!

Some new jewelry..

This one I posted before but this is just another view of it before it heads off to Canada :)

These beads I wire wrapped started out as a long necklace...someone wanted the pendant but different I took off the pendant and made it into 2 was plain one had a charm...I decided to rework them a bit and put these very cool wood rectangles on them.

They look so much better in person..some things just don't catch the light well in photos to show off the colors..I personally LOVE this green turquoise color with the mottled picasso finish.

This is reserved for someone who is new to my blog and was looking at past designs...I ordered in the pendant and followed her simple design request...sometimes simple is best!

Here are my new business cards for my salon that Angie from Rio Oso Designs did for me!
I love them!
I am in the process of making a new blog for my salon..she is designing the template to match my cards as we speak :)


Amanda said...

Carter looks good with a goatee! The new business cards look great! Whenever I look at your jewelry, I always find something I want and then wait a day or two just to make sure you don't post something else that I have to have. And then EVERY time, I place the order and you post amazing things soon after! HA! I guess that just gives me another good excuse to buy more soon! Have a great weekend! ;)

Leslie said...

LOL Well next time you are ready just ask me whats on my bead board....and I'll send you a preview!
You should be getting your package very soon ;)