Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Stretchy Bracelets!

But first a little comic relief!

As I was feeding little Carter his snack of jello and whipped cream..and some "cheezes" broke out!

yes I'm on a kick of these bracelets but they are so fun to make and so comfortable to wear..I'm going to try to get them all listed tonight but my eyes are starting to droop!

This working thing is cramping my jewelry style! LOL

And a couple of earrings..the white really POPs off of the antique gold color!


Jewllori by Lori said...

Pretty pretty! Love that top black one, my fave!!

Carter is such a ham isn't, loves to cheeze the camera big time!

Thanks for the comments on those earrings, they did turn out nice I think! I am trying different styles of them too, got a few listed.

I'm on holidays for the next week, going camping! See you in a week my dear :))

Araceli said...

He is too adorable! So he like jello huh...Daniel does for a second then spits it out? What kid doesnt like jello??! Ice-creamis a whole diff story though! Lol!
Love all your designs, you have such talent!

Lora said...

Love the new stuff.... especially the pink beads with yellowish flower. So cute! I've made a few stretchy bracelets, but never really sure about the elastic I use. What do you use?

Carter just keeps gettin' cuter and cuter.. so cheezzzzzy!