Monday, July 6, 2009

First Day and First Haircut!

I had a sweet surprise waiting on me when I went into the shop this morning..Chris had pink roses and 2 cards sitting on my desk for me! He is the best at picking out cards..they seem to always fit the I started out with happy tears!
Then about an hour later I had a flower delivery from my Aunt and Cousin!
They are simply gorgeous! And include hydrangeas which are my favorite!
It really made my day..and made me feel special!

My day went really well and I was

amazed how fast I fell back into it. Its always alittle awkward at first when you are trying to get used to new surroundings...but I guess after doing it to many years it was like riding a bike!

At the end of my day I decided to give Carter boy his first haircut!

He didn't mind it at all until........
he realized what was going on..its funny because I think he didn't want his arms and feet covered up

But lucky for him ..he didn't have much hair to cut...just his baby mullet!
He soon recovered!
And finally another Cheez!

Chris brought him out to see each of my clients..I have done their hair so long most are like family..and Carter was so shy acting..I think he just didn't know what to think or what in the world mommy was doing!

But daddy made the day fun..he bought him a pool that is a whale and when you hook a hose to sprays..I guess he loved it!


I took a few quick pictures of the shop cause I know most of you are "dyeing" to see something!

I still have lots of tweeking to still feels kind of empty in places..but the main thing is I up and running!


Jewllori by Lori said...

You know me, I was DYING TO see it!!! LOOKS AMAZING! And you looked so pretty your first day back. C-Man, what a sweetie pie, love his face when you started covering him up. And he STILL came back to give you a hug for! Cutie!

Did you guys paint the stripes, or did you do all the painting I should say? It looks fab, you are so great at decorating.

Glad your first day went good :)

Lora said...

Congrats!!! Your shop is so pretty. You have such great "style"... ha, no pun intended.

First haircuts are always traumatic!

Lisa said...

Leslie, The place looks amazing! I love the color of the walls. I wish I lived closer to you. And how sweet of your husband.

Mary Ann Miller said...

Leslie, the pictures are great! It is so beautifully decorated. I can tell you had a "great builder" too. Thanks for sharing.

Leslie of LesChic jewelry boutique said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate your comments!!! I still wish it was a bead studio!

Jamie said...


Your salon is beautiful just like the other one was!! I'm glad your first day was great!! I love the last hair cut of the day.. Lil C man he is getting so big. We have got to get together sometime before he starts school... LOL.

paintchipgirl said...

Your place looks palatial inside. Just gorgeous. And your little guy on your first day back; too sweet.

Amanda said...

How nice to have fresh flowers and sweet cards to start your first day! The shop looks amazing! Congratulations on your first day back!

Leslie of LesChic jewelry boutique said...

So nice to hear from everyone!!!!
Thank you Thank you!!!

TinkerDot Designs said...

Leslie, your shop looks so wonderful! So 'chic'! I really love the wall color and decor. So glad you had a great first day and glad that things are going well for you :)