Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yes I'm still here ....

I know I know...where have I been?
I made like a million earrings in the last couple of weeks and I'm sooo over earrings. So now I'm in the mood to make necklaces..you will be seeing one pop up every so often.
And we have so much going on in my new little salon..I'm going to open in July!
I have some cute pics of little Carter "helping" the guys inside it..I'll try to get those up tomorrow.
And Chris is trying to finish up his last house and get it ready to sell..so I am also involved in all that with finish decisions.
And I'm still battling this Mono which the doctor is now calling Chronic Fatique Syndrome...Eptein Barr Virus...
Mono Schomo..whatever it is I want it out of my body!
The worst symptom is the heart flutters but I am also finally feeling the exhaustion sometimes. Perfect timing with going back to work huh?
I also found out my B12 is extremly low so I am
getting injections of that now..
40 is fabulous?!
So that is whats new with me...I really feel fine though..all I have to do is look at my pretty little boys face and its all good :)
Here is my newest~
click on the pics to view listing

Sorry..sold before listed

Sorry ...sold before listed

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