Sunday, May 24, 2009

22 New Earrings!

I am now making my earwires by hand..I get so tired of running out of supplies so I by making my earwires and my hook clasps also.
At least I will always have those..but that means I will run out of wire even faster now!
I think they really add to the artisan look of my earrings..and here are 22 new ones!
*note (Photos make them appear larger than they really are)*


Lorelei said...

Hey Leslie!
Your earrings are gorgeous, as usual! I love your new earring wires! If you have time, can you email me with some tips on oxidizing? I'm thinking I Need to start doing this kind of stuff... have been scared to try up til now.
thanks! hope to hear from you soon!

Kyndall said...

Amazing collection of those earrings!! I would like to pick some of them...