Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rocker and 700 Sales!

Thanks everyone for your kind comments! Makes me excited to get back to designing again!
When I have a free moment these days I don't know what to do first..our house is still not put together and that has been my focus!
I don't function well in disorder and "undoness"!
And I just realized that I have reached 700 sales!!!
I can't believe it!
Last week as Carter and I were playing I put him in this rocker that my parents had. After I saw the picture I remembered that they took a picture of me in it also...and I found it!

Carter 10 months
me~July 1, 1968
1 1/2 years old

Coral Cabana

One of my newest necklaces


Jewllori by Lori said...

Oh my is Carter going to be A YEAR OLD IN TWO MONTHS?! That is simply CRAZY!!!!!!!!

That's awesome you guys have a picture of you both in that chair, that is a memory to keep :)

You're so creative, love the necklace! (I'm running out of creative names!)

mental crafter said...

You are feeling better! A beautiful necklace! You must have a little more free time too. Necklaces take longer than other stuff don't they? You must have a bazillion necklace designs in your head. Keep them coming!!! You are the best!
I vote for creative stuff and the house can sit awhile. I'm sure your undone is my done :). Remember who my hubby is . . . :) And we were going to raise the roof! YIKES!