Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deep Freeze!

This is the view from my bead room this morning..not much beading getting done but the scene of the fresh snow sure is pretty!
Its darn cold, below 0...and I've had enough..but no one asked me..a least I have is a sample...:)

Little boy has grown since the last pictures of him on his changing table..he is in his new room and can do some new tricks!
He is all over the place and its like wrestling a greased pig to get his diaper changed..I call him "mr hands" haha

He turns over and scoots backward..sometimes knocking everything off the dresser ...

Everything catches his attention!

I don't know why we bother buying toys...he LOVES anything that is not!


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TinkerDot Designs said...

Happy belated birthday!! It doesn't sound like it was much fun for you :( Hope the 'snow check' is worth it!
Carter is just adorable and really starting to look like such a little man.