Wednesday, January 14, 2009

8 Months Old!

Yesterday was my birthday and its was Carter's too!
At midnight Chris and I were still up talking...I looked at the clock and said.."yea now I'm 42."
By 12:30 he started getting the chills and shaking so bad I could feel the bed move..he said he was so cold and he shivering so 2 am I was calling our doctor.
He had just been there that day and they gave him a tetanus shot because it had been so many years since his last one.
So naturally we assumed he was having a reaction..the doctor didn't think so but he said to watch him..
so it was a long night..he got a fever..body aches, headache and still the shivering..I was really scared several times. We got no sleep at all.
And with Carter still teething and that darn runny nose that chokes him at night I thought I was in for it..but thank goodness he only got up once and slept until 8:00.
We ended up going to the doctor that morning..another small blessing was his mom was off work that day so she came over to watch Carter.
Turns out he has the glad he got that flu shot.
We all did..I hope it works better on Carter and I.
The nausea followed yesterday and he was pretty darn miserable..but now he is starting to get better..just weak.
It was a pretty non existent birthday ..I was making chicken noodle soup to one and sucking snot out of the other! (you guess which one) haha
and he feels so bad about it..but I told him I'd take a raincheck..
or snow check seeing all the snow we got today. Its so beautiful with the big soft snowflakes. I normally love being holed up inside with a good snow..but not this year with everything we have gone through this winter
I'm ready for spring!!!


Jewllori by Lori said...

HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIIIIIRTHDAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry you're birthday was spent taking care of others. Hope you get a special day soon!

Love ya :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Les!! Hope your guys are doing better =)


Araceli said...